Pursuit & Purpose

This year in 2022, we continue the pursuit of introducing SWADE and our mission and vision with the rest of the world. Even if it is to one man or woman at a time. One person can make a difference for their own self improvement and potentially impact just one other person for the better and that positive movement can create a wave naturally. We've realized our purpose is to simply provide positivity each day that can bring a more optimistic approach to your daily life while celebrating each of our uniqueness, being kind & emphasizing our gentlemanly gestures to the rest of the world around us.  Join us in promoting male positivity through custom made apparel items, all with a distinct focus on inclusivity, the environment, and social responsibility, while caring for all humankind while remaining true to one’s self.  Share with us your positive choices and how you achieve better self-care and promoting the betterment of mankind by being a kind man.  Also, if interested in joining SWADE, contact us or visit our Careers page.

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