The Beginning

In 2012, four friends in Connecticut were determined to bring goodness back into mankind. The world, even then, seemed to be moving fast. Digital media and online content were exploding. Social media platforms were taking over daily conversations with faces buried in phones versus smiling face to face personal discussions. Bullying online was bringing a negative twist to what most of us thought was a safe space to be true to yourself, share good vibes and feedback, and then online commentary became in-real life drama. As time passed, the world around us has shifted in many ways and away from what we believe, is important: personal accountability, common morals and key ethics, and to care beyond your own self-interests.

After many social gatherings, dinners, drinks and conversations, we noticed our discussions kept centering around the fact that the current retail space of male related personal care products and apparel designs were trending positive while negative messages about men were being heard from Hollywood, in pop culture and general society. In a time where male public relations, mental health and general bullying has taken a negative tone in the media and society, we found ourselves wanting to find ways to bring the positive attributes and characteristics of men into personal care and apparel items. 

After toiling over many concepts, the idea of SWADE was born.  

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