Goals 2 Weeks In

Goals 2 Weeks In

Last week we kicked off 2022 talking about goals. Not just any resolution or goal, but one that is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) and remember, these are much easier to manage and actually meet or exceed your own expectations.  So with that said, we are going to take a quick check in our own personal goals and see how we can help keep us on track and give some tips to get back where you want to be on your betterment journey for the new year.  

From the list we shared we picked 3 that we thought were achievable to make a positive impact in our day, as well as potentially impact our environment around us. 

Goal 1.  Switch off the TV, phones, and other devices by 10 pm each day 

Status :  TV is off by 10pm and headed to bed and asleep by 10:30pm daily. The phone doesn't actually get turned off but I do not use the phone after 10pm to reduce any stress, mental distraction or "blue light" impact to my sleep.  This one has been easy to kick off and see positive impact to my sleep hours and patterns.  (FYI - I use the Oura ring and Fitbit so i can track my sleep - another topic for another day)

Goal 2. Drink a bottle of water after waking up. 

Status :  This one is a doozy. You crave the natural routine of a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Made just the way you like it. And having to delay that first sip is quite unnatural when you feel like a zombie stepping out of bed. However, just like any other addition into any routine, the best way to make it happen is to just start. So what I've done is before bed, I get the bottle of water, or in my case, a tumbler with water filled to the brim, and place it right in front of the coffee maker. I have no choice then in the morning to see it and make a conscious decision to pick it up and down it. Yes, there have been days i push the water aside, but the main thing to say is, I have seen a difference in how i feel and start my mornings when drinking water. More refreshed, more hydrated through the day, and definitely more energized further beyond the caffeine jolt that comes and goes with coffee.  So I continue to push for the water as it does a body and mind good. 

Goal 3: Hit the gym before looking at any electronics or work.

Status:  So the 1st two goals are the dependency on this goal taking effect.  I go to bed at a good hour around 10pm. No devices bothering me. I get a good nights sleep, or good enough.  I wake up around 5:30am. (Yes, using an alarm using my iPhone and I will improve on that to reduce the use of any electronic or annoying buzzer sound soon).  The main thing I have added to my "before bed" routine to achieve this goal is laying out a pair of gym shorts, tshirt, sweatshirt, my sneakers and socks. Doing this creates a trigger in my brain the minute i get out of bed to 'go to the gym'. And its working.  At least 5 days a week for the last 2 weeks, I am hitting this goal.  Temperatures have dropped here so it makes it even more challenging to creep outside at 6am, drive the 10 minutes but walking into the gym for "my time" and self-care and freedom from to do lists or work emails or anything but wellness is a big win.  Now that I am in the gym, I turn on a podcast about something educational, self-care or discussions around male-positivity or choose motivational music playlist to get me going. We will discuss these options as another post in the near future.  I stretch for about 10 minutes. Loosen the upper body, focus on my backbends, toe touches and pseudo-yoga poses.  I choose to use the elliptical as its easier on my knees than running on a treadmill. 30 minutes of medium intensity to work up a sweat. Again, here's where the water intake comes in handy versus coffee. Before you know it, 45 minutes is almost up and I've achieved my goal.  And I feel good. Mission accomplished.  And now just to do it again.... tomorrow. And I know I can and so can you.

Stay SWADE. 

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