As a SWADE Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to try out our latest apparel, get the tools you need to achieve ultimate success and become a part of a community that is caring and kind and looking to be part of the betterment of mankind.

Make a Difference

We need more gentlemen to be at the front and center of the conversation in changing the way men take care of themselves and others. By sharing your experiences and spreading the word about how to become happier, healthier and more present just by wearing SWADE, you are helping to educate the world. Together we can make a more caring and kinder world.


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By taking a stand on healthier living and educating your audience about SWADE's mission and vision, you will automatically begin building authority and trust within your community. The more people trust you, the more they will want to keep learning more from you!


Get Cool Perks

Get a chance to win cool prizes, donate to your favorite charity that relates to our mission and vision, and get featured on our social media pages + much more!