SWADE is for the Caring, the Kind, the Brave, and Witty Gentlemen. 

At SWADE, we’re bringing male-positivity back. We are transforming the way mankind reconnects with each other and rewriting the rules for empowering each other to find love, balance, harmony and respect through self-care and among each other.  The products we sell here are environmentally conscious and help our customers feel & look good about themselves while acting as walking billboards sharing the mission and vision with others at the same time one t-shirt and cap at a time. We’re solving real humanity problems and creating tangible impact on our customers’ well-being. SWADE loves to give back with each purchase and supports men's health initiatives, environmental campaigns and children's STEM educational improvement programs. The bottom line is SWADE cares.  If this is you and you want to help build a company from the ground up and a career somewhere you can make a real impact, start a conversation with us.

We think you’ll love it here.

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