SWADE CARES mission is to support many well known and trusted non-profitable charities that provide Health, Education, Environmental, Humanitarian and Animal services to those in need around the world.  SWADE partners with only top rated, well-respected organizations that are reviewed by Charity Navigator. 

Our current charitable options range across the 5 key critical categories highlighted above and take great care in utilizing SWADE donations to the best of their ability proving year over year they are the best in helping those in need.


All charities have received the highest 4 star ratings required to meet the criteria for our mission. With each customer order purchase, SWADE CARES is able to donate 7% to your desired charity at checkout.  If you do not make a selection, all charities will split the 7% equally by default. This ensures that every purchase is giving back. We are fortunate enough to have kind, caring and loving customers to help us on our mission in giving back.

Why 7%? 

The number 7 personifies many global and spiritual representations of perfection or completeness. Religions speak of 7 heavens and of pilgrimages to & from 7 times. In Chinese culture, 7 represents Yin and Yang combined with the Five Elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. This combination represents the concept of harmony in Confucianism. 7 is also a prime number, only divisible of itself and one. Its unique, some refer to it as 'lucky'.  Lastly, there are 7 days in the week to give of yourself and 7 continents that cover planet Earth where all of mankind need help and love.

Please accept our deepest thanks. 
Our gratitude to all of you who make our mission a success is not measurable.