Definitions of SWADE

We want to share with you our definitions of SWADE attributes that are the foundation of our mission and vision.


to have the feeling and/or emotion of compassion, support, love, and empathy with one's self and for all others with positive intent for their well-being; 


to show you care, are friendly, generous and polite or act in good nature toward the well-being of one's self and all others 


to have the ability to overcome obstacles, take on new challenges, face the unknown and be bold in your own self-identity, self-care, and standing alongside or on behalf of others with positive intent for their well-being 


to have the ability and share one's humor, happiness and cleverness with the positive intent to bring smiles, laughter and levity to one's self or with others


to be sincere, honest and transparent with your thoughts and actions in regards to your own character, self-care and the well-being of others 

The Definition of a Man: 

to be caring, kind, brave, witty and genuine in one's self-care and promote the well-being of all others, no matter who you are or how you choose to define yourself