At SWADE, self-care means taking the intentional initiative in maintaining your own well-being — physical, mental, and emotional.  Start today with a few best practices that can make a big difference.

  • Schedule a physical yearly with your doctor. It's the best way to know if there are any early indications of any physical risks that you can be proactive to mitigate.
  • Get up and move!  Focus on low-activity fitness to get you going.Yoga, tai chi or walking 5,000 - 10,000 steps a day is all it takes to start a healthy habit of physical activity. If you belong to a gym with extra benefits, take advantage of any training classes or instruction that may be available and maybe learn something new.  Sitting is the new smoking so let's kick bad habits and get started with just one foot after the other. 

  • Ditch the diets, they seldom if ever last. Find healthier options to replace the sugary and salty drinks and snacks, and make a decision to enjoy those treats for special occasions or in moderation. Small changes in selecting colorful fruits and vegetables with your meals and being properly hydrated through the day with plenty of water will make big difference in your mood and energy too.
  • Find happiness in hygiene. Starting your day off with a healthy dose of oral, face and body care sets the tone for the rest of your day. Spend some extra time on your skin or beard-care regimen, or sweat out the week’s stress in the sauna, steam room, or an Epsom salt bath. Relax and find calm and serenity within yourself.
    • Rest your body.  Getting the necessary sleep is so important to your overall health. Improving your sleep is among the most effective forms of self-care … and it’s one that you can do everyday. Be sure to turn off your screens at least 30 minutes before bed and settle in to a darkened room. More sleep means a better day tomorrow. 
    • Reach out to others. Relationships with your family and friends are important and a way to share your inner thoughts and express your feelings about your life and to be able to listen and maybe even learn from what is going on in theirs.  It can be a text, or video chat and everyone's favorite face to face catch up. No matter how you do it, keep those lines of communications open, honest and transparent.  

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