Who is JOEY?

On February 24, 1943, Joey Angarano took his first breath entering a world of change and conflict. Five Years had passed since the Great Depression, World War II was in progress which increased USA manufacturing, yet began the process of food & supply rationing stateside. This was also a time & era of opportunity, invention & humanity enlightenment in progressing oneself forward and thinking globally.

As a child growing up in the postwar era, Joey grew up with the generation of Baby Boomers, with virtues of apple-pie American life yearning for the security offered by "normal" family life. As cliché as it may sound, Joey was most definitely not your “average Joe” growing up in an Italian family in the suburbs of NYC. Joey attended school, was a good student and possessed the charisma that always had both girls and boys gravitating to him. He was talented in the art of singing and dancing and at a young age he was a member of a weekly dance group that performed on TV. Joey, always confident of himself, would always dance in the front line. In his hometown, as a teenager, he would sing the Natitonal Athem on Memorial Day and Ava Maria in his church. He was a good son, great brother to his siblings and a special uncle to his niece and nephew.
After cutting a couple of records, he realized that singing and dancing was not a vocation he wanted to pursue. He went to hair dressing school and eventually became a great hair stylist. Joey’s positive attitude, confidence, humor, integrity, love, loyalty and respect for everyone made him someone that you could count on being there for you, whenever needed.

As Joey aged and became wiser, his caring manner, kindness and desire to do good for others made him stand out. Joey embodied all the characteristics and qualities that made this world a better place.

On October 25, 1985, Joey passed away at the age of 42 from AIDS, having lived his life to the fullest, loving every minute he spent with his family and friends, sharing smiles and laughter with everyone that crossed his path. Joey’s circle of life was “Have LOVE in your life, RESPECT yourself, and others will give you BALANCE for you to live in HARMONY.”

Joey was and is SWADE. He was the Definition of a Man: a super cool male, who was caring, kind and brave, genius, good looking and a man who loved to laugh.

SWADE is alive today, born from the soul and spirit of Joey.