Brand Legacy Logo Graphic Tee

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SWADE Brand Legacy Logo T-Shirts is the staple of everyone's wardrobe. It bears the trademark of the company and the movement displaying our philosophy and slogan “The Definition of a Man” which places focus on the positive characteristics and attributes of men. In today’s reality, being proud of who you are as a man is not about sexism or vanity. It’s about being SWADE. SWADE men are super cool, they tend to be good looking and witty. Typically, genius' and always gentlemen.

Custom measurements made for SWADE.  Feel the difference.  

Made of 100% Cotton. 

Available in Crew and V-neck. 

Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and 3X-Large.

Available Colors: Black, Navy, Red, Slate, White

SWADE and THE DEFINITION OF A MAN are protected by copyright and trademark.