Our apparel lines feature custom measured sizes and are made from eco-friendly materials. Our personal care items are sourced with natural ingredients, unique blends and sustainable packaging. 

We understand that the experience of receiving and unboxing a product is just about as important as the product itself. We want the experience we provide and materials we use to give our customers a sense of ease, pride and purpose when choosing to purchase and use our products. 

SWADE started from the ground up investing more in sustainable practices and environmentally friendly products. We know that consumers appreciate this, but more importantly, its the right thing to do for all of us.  That is why we have committed to taking time to create and design a simple approach to our product packaging-- from fabrics, bottle tops, tags and our shipping methodology.


We are all in this together to care for our communities and planet, even if it is one t-shirt and cap at a time.  Care for yourself, be kind to others and be brave in the face of adversity.  Have love in your heart, keep balance in your life, find harmony among all things and respect each other. Be SWADE.